The lens is possibly the most important piece of any camera and in order to get the best photographs, you must use the correct lens for the photo you intend to take. This means that a camera like the Sony A6000 and the many a6000 lenses will always provide the potential to take better photographs than any cellphone camera available today or likely to be available in the foreseeable future. There is of course little doubt that the quality of today’s cellphone cameras is very high but the limitation they have due to their size will make them unable to have a variety of lens available to be used. Although many people think that a cellphone camera offers the option for a zoom, it is not a true zoom lens and is in fact just an enlargement of a regular shot. A true zoom lens actually brings the subject closer and then allows a photo to be taken whereas a cellphone ‘zoom’ is just an enlargement of the original subject. The effect this has is that a photo taken with a so called cellphone camera’s zoom cannot be enlarged as much as a true zoom photo. It are the sensors on a camera which allow it to be automatically adjusted for the amount of light available however, once again, as a cellphone’s camera is limited by size, it cannot take in the light from as large an area as the sensor on a professional DSLR camera. This in turn means that a cellphone camera cannot provide such an accurate measure of the light available as a DSLR camera can.
The A6000 camera by Sony has a variety of lens which can be used with it and all of them are of the E-series. The E-series is a series of lenses which use a relatively new technology which does not require the camera to have a mirror. Although these E-series lenses are or were original made by Sony only, today there are several other companies that are making them using the same technology. As these mirror less lenses are considered to be more beneficial, many people without an A6000 camera would like to use them but fortunately there are now adaptors available so that they too can use them.
Many people today opt to use the cameras on their cellphones rather than a DSLR camera and that is perhaps understandable as they would not always have need to carry a camera whilst they will usually have their phones with them most of the time. This means that the cellphones are very useful for the unexpected photo ops, ones where you may not have thought to take a camera with you but, for a truly professional quality photo, a DSLR camera is still needed. It is for this reason that even at weddings and graduations, although many people have their cellphone cameras with them, a professional photographer with their professional DSLR camera are usually hired to take any official photographs.